"Chemical… flashbacks. Neural damage. From my time in the HIDTA. As in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area."



The Dinosaur Pet Guide (larger)

Certain death is a small price to pay to show off a T-Rex to your friends. …friends that won’t then last much longer…

Redrum (at Grand Central Hotel)

I went outside. This pretty much sums it up #London #UKStorms #Winter

I’ll have the chicken nut, thanks.

Let battle commence @RibNights @churchJQ #meat (at The Church)

Pickleback: a shot of bourbon with a pickle brine chaser. I need to remember it’s Sunday night @RibNights @churchJQ (at The Church)

Done some vinyl admin today, which apparently I need to do more often…

Yes, after eating pretty much as raw fish and rice as I can, I would like to fill in the gaps with a beer made out of rice…

Wasabi and sweet ginger popcorn (tastes like sage and onion stuffing) (at Cherry Reds Café Bar)

Livin’ the pool #photofromarestaurantorisitaclubimnotsure (at Albert Dock)